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Today is the halloween, and it means all kinds of mythical creatures will crawl out of the dark. Remember, they are eager to get treats, prepared for the children, and they will make their best to blend in.


W A S D - Movement
E - Interact
LMB - Use Item
RMB - Drop Item
Esc/P - Game menu


During the game kids will show up at your door to ask for a treat. Your task is to identify disguised mithycal creatures among them. In order to do it you must use items located on the hallway shelf (walkie-talkie, paw, dream catcher, coin)
To check the visitor you need to equip an item and walk up to a kid.
This might cause the reaction if you choose the correct item. (items have different reactions like: glowing, playing sound, shaking).
Coin is the only item that you have to manually use by pressing use button (LMB).
Certain types of monsters will make it only show one side. Otherwise the result will be random.


This is a list of creatures that might lurk in the night:


List  of your special "Devices":


A useful tool, bought in a local store. Really good at detecting Ghosts and Demons
(at list for it's price)

"Rabbit paw"

Your friend taxidermist once lose this charm to you in the game of heads and tails. It start shaking if Witch or Werewolfs hanging around. DON'T forget to wash your hands after using!

"Dreams catcher"

Never actually caught a single dream for you. but it seems to be reacting to Ghosts and Witches around.


That very coin, you used to play with taxidermist. Outer forses define the side it will show. (Demons and Werewolfs fall under "outer forces" definition)


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GG ty for game

the game is cool, I would like to see its further development))

And you'll see)

Thanks Comrade

its so good)

Thank you for playing!

Thanks Comrade